About Mariah

Mariah Van Vessem

Ever since I can remember some of my first memories, I have always been drawn to food. I grew up in the kitchen cooking with my mom, grandma and older cousin. They taught me the fundamentals of cooking, and my love blossomed from there. I love everything about food, from cooking, to serving, to food styling and researching the newest food trends. I’m a graduate from Johnson & Wales University, class of 2013. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Restaurant Food and Beverage Management, with a double concentration in Psychology and Sommelier. I have fifteen years experience working in the hospitality industry. I have had many different types of jobs in this industry some including working in hospitals with a Nutrition team, to serving at a white table cloth restaurant, to supervising at a fast casual restaurant, and most recently I was training for a sous chef position at a local restaurant in my neighborhood for almost nine months. My cousin and I have lived far from each other for many years now, but we’ve always made it a point to keep in touch and have managed to keep a very close relationship. We both share the same love of food, and we would always chat about the fun new products we would find at our local Trader Joe’s. After months of chatting back and forth about our finds and our grocery hauls, we have decided to share our reviews, thoughts and findings with all of you! We have also decided to expand our shopping hauls and reviews to not only Trader Joe’s but to Lidl And Aldi stores as well. We want to showcase these “niche” grocery stores and what each of their brands have to offer! I cannot be more excited to grow our brand, share our finds with all of our followers and continue to share a very special relationship with my cousin. Food is a comfort, a form of love and I can’t wait to show you all what we have in store! Happy Hauling!