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Aldi’s Chocolatey Chip Dunkers

Are you a coffee dunker? Do you end up with little chunks of donuts and cookies at the bottom of your coffee mug? Then Aldi’s Chocolatey Chip Dunkers are for you!

Front of a package of Aldi's Chocolatey Chip Dunkers.

What are Chocolatey Chip Dunkers?

Imagine what a crispy chocolate chip cookie would look like if it were smashed down into the shape of a flat biscotti. Can you picture it? That’s what a dunker is!

As the name suggests, these cookies are made to be dunked into tea, coffee, and of course, milk! And they are Aldi’s answer to Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chip Dunkers.

Their flat, elongated shape gives you more surface area for dunking and an easy cookie to hold.

Back of a package of Aldi's Chocolatey Chip Dunkers, which shows the Nutrition Facts and Ingredient list.

If you’re a crispy chocolate chip cookie lover, you’re in for a treat because Aldi’s Chocolatey Chip Dunkers are definitely crispy and full of crunch.

Where In the Store?

You can find these Chocolatey Chip Dunkers in the cookie and cracker aisle of Aldi stores.

How to Serve Aldi’s Chocolatey Chip Dunkers

Dunking these cookies is the obvious way to serve them but since they’re thin and crispy, I can envision a few other really fun ways to elevate them.

Let’s start with an ice cream topping. Simply crumble these dunkers up and sprinkle them over the top of your favorite ice cream. To up the ante, make a sundae with some easy homemade hot fudge and 3 ingredient salted caramel sauce!

Inside of a package of Aldi's Chocolatey Chip Dunkers.

You could totally make mini ice cream sandwiches with Aldi’s dunkers too! In my opinion, crispy cookies make better ice cream sandwiches than chewy ones do since they have a little more room to soften as the ice cream hardens in the freezer.

Instead of using the cookies as an ice cream sandwich vessel, you could break them into pieces and stir them into softened vanilla ice cream along with some chopped Oreo cookies. Then, refreeze the ice cream for a few hours. The result is a semi-homemade version of Ben & Jerry’s Milk and Cookies ice cream! Genius, right?!

My last brilliant idea – at least for right now! – for repurposing these dunker cookies is to mix crushed up cookies into buttercream frosting and use it to frost a cake or cupcakes. And then top the cake or cupcakes with a few larger crumble pieces.

Overhead photo of an Aldi's Chocolatey Chip Dunker getting ready to be dunked into a cup of black coffee.

I’ve made frosting for Oreo cupcakes this way and it’s a fantastic way to infuse cookie flavor into cake or cupcake frosting!

The Review

Overall, we liked Aldi’s Chocolatey Chip Dunkers. After having bought similar cookie sticks from Trader Joe’s for years, I was a little skeptical about whether Aldi’s version would hold up to TJ’s.

These dunkers are crispy, crunchy, and a little on the sandy side, as far as cookies go. Because they’re a little on the dry side, as crispy cookies are, they do make great cookies for dunking since they really soak up the flavor of your drink.

But because Aldi’s version of the cookie dunker is a bit sandy, I found that they broke off faster into my hot coffee than have other cookie dunkers I’ve tried in the past.

An Aldi's Chocolatey Chip Dunker resting inside a coffee cup. In the background of the cup, there is a package of the Dunkers.

Since having chunks of decimated cookie at the bottom of my coffee mug is a big turnoff for me, I ended up taking a full cart off of my Cart Rating (see below!). If that doesn’t bother you, then I’m sure you’ll love these cookies!

Flavor-wise, these Dunkers were pretty unremarkable: good but not over the top outstanding. They’re a little skimpy on the chocolate chips so perhaps more chocolate would have boosted the flavor a bit.

Buy It Again?

Honestly, I’m neutral about buying these Dunkers from Aldi’s again. I suppose, if I’m in the store and we need cookies, I wouldn’t pass on them. That said, I don’t have an Aldi’s within 50 miles of my house so it will be a while until I’ll be in the store again.

Rating Time!


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