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Aldi’s Classic Five Cheese Ravioli

Fresh cheese ravioli is a fast and usually flavorful meal to make that makes everyone happy. Here we’re reviewing and rating Aldi’s Classic Five Cheese Ravioli so if you have ravioli fans in your house, this review is for you!

Front of a package of Aldi's Classic Five Cheese Ravioli.

What are Aldi’s Five Cheese Ravioli?

It seems that every grocery store these days sells fresh ravioli in a variety of flavors and Aldi is no different! I counted 5 different fresh ravioli choices in the store I was shopping at recently, which to me is a decent selection.

Aldi’s Classic Five Cheese Ravioli is fresh ravioli filled with ricotta, provolone, parmesan, mozzarella, and romano cheeses. The ravioli pasta is an egg pasta, which gives it that beautiful yellow hue and an unbeatable chewy texture.

Where In the Store?

You can find these Five Cheese Ravioli in the refrigerated prepared food section in Aldi stores.

Back of a package of Aldi's Classic Five Cheese Ravioli.

How to Serve Aldi’s Classic Five Cheese Ravioli

If you’ve got ravioli monsters in your house – you know who you are – the most basic way you’re going to serve these ravioli is with some marinara sauce or maybe a little melted butter and parmesan cheese.

Since they are refrigerated, they’re super fast to make when hungry kids are getting cranky around dinnertime. They’re faster than cooking dried pasta since they only need around 4 minutes to cook in boiling water!

Overhead photo of Aldi's Classic Five Cheese Ravioli. The ravioli are uncooked and piled up in their package.

These ravioli are sort of an elevated version of the cheese ravioli many of us are familiar with but since they’re not all fancied up like lobster ravioli are, there are other ways you can serve them.

Here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Ravioli Lasagna – Layers of ravioli, herbed ricotta cheese, marinara sauce with or without meat, and mozzarella cheese to top it all off. You’ll bake this just like you do a lasagna but the results are spectacular!
  • Baked Ravioli – A little more streamlined of a recipe than the ravioli lasagna, this one is just ravioli, sauce, and two kinds of cheese.
  • Air Fryer Ravioli – Air fryer fans rejoice! Here’s a great recipe for changing up your ravioli game!
  • Ravioli with Sherry Mushroom Cream Sauce – This one might not be so much for the kids as it is for adults, but with a creamy sherry mushroom sauce, you can quickly take plain cheese ravioli from basic to fancy in just a few minutes.
Overhead photo of Aldi's Classic Five Cheese Ravioli on a plate with some red marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Next to the ravioli are a small bunch of red grapes and some cut up kielbasa sausage.

The Review

My ravioli monster was a big fan of Aldi’s Five Cheese Ravioli so in my book, these were a win for us!

Flavor-wise, these ravioli were on the mark. The filling was good with a bit of a salty hit from all of the cheeses. The pasta for these ravioli is egg-based which always makes for rich, tasty noodles and adds a nice bit of chewiness to its texture.

One of Aldi's Classic Five Cheese Ravioli cut open and held up by a fork to show the inside of the ravioli.

On the downside, the amount of filling in them was a bit on the light side, leaving you with an unbalanced ratio of pasta to filling. That’s kind of a bummer to me and I’m taking off 1/2 of a Cart in my rating because of that. (See my overall rating below!)

Cooking time is a breeze with fresh pasta and these ravioli cooked in about 4 minutes once the water boiled. I certainly can’t complain about that!

Aldi's Classic Five Cheese Ravioli on a plate with some marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

Buy It Again?

The next time I’m in Aldi, I’ll definitely pick up another package of these Five Cheese Ravioli. I love that they’re fresh and fast to prepare, versatile enough to transform into other meals, and a winner of a meal for my toddler. You won’t be disappointed with these ravioli either!

Rating Time!


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