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Lidl’s Dutch Butter Cookies Sugar Pretzels

These Dutch Butter Cookies from Lidl are not your typical pretzel that you would get anywhere in the world. These cookies are special to the Dutch and specifically, the Netherlands.

What are Lidl’s Dutch Butter Cookies Sugar Pretzels?

Pretzels are loved throughout the world, as a snack, hard, soft, savory and sweet. Really you can do just about anything to a pretzel and it would still taste delicious. There’s even been a fairly new trend going around using pretzel buns for burgers and sandwiches!

Back to these sugar pretzels. Pretzels in the Netherlands are actually called krakelingen which actually translates in English to “crackles.” Pretzels in the Netherlands are also typically sweet, not salty or savory as we have here and in many other places in the world.

These Dutch Butter Cookies Sugar Pretzels are part of Lidl’s “Preferred Selection” brand. These particular cookies were imported from Netherlands. Other products from the “Preferred Selection” brand may come from different parts of the world.

Lidl’s “Preferred Selection” brand are Award Winning and offer the finest foods made from exceptional ingredients. They boast to have an assortment of “iconic global delicacies.”

You guessed it! If you’ve been following my posts on the blog, this is the second part to my Lidl Vanilla Sponge Cake. This is the other “mystery sweet treat” that my mom picked up that same shopping trip.

I did a little research on these sweet pretzels, since my background is mostly Dutch. I came to find out that there are still a few Dutch shops that make these sweet treats by hand, but nowadays the Dutch shops mainly cut them using machinery. In the Netherlands these pretzels are available in a hard crunchy form, or a soft variety as well.

Where In the Store?

You can find Lidl’s Dutch Butter Cookies Sugar Pretzels in the cookie aisle at your local Lidl store. Again, these cookies are part of the “Preferred Selection” so you might need to hunt around for these as sometimes the items in that category can be hidden all around the store, or in more than one place.

How to Serve Lidl Dutch Butter Cookies Sugar Pretzels

I tasted these cookies all on my own, so they almost didn’t even make it to a plate! I devoured one right out of the package, (as you can see one missing out of the top far right).


These cookies are not my first “Dunk Testers” and certainly will not be my last. I do this with every cookie I try, it’s a weird thing I have, but its SO MUCH FUN.

After I tried the first cookie, I immediately knew I needed a glass of milk to try this out. I grabbed a glass, poured a nice tall one and dunked away.

These cookies were the PERFECT cookie to dunk into milk, or I can also envision a nice hot cup of coffee or a favorite hot tea. They stood up perfectly to the milk and didn’t crumble or get too mushy, (who likes a mushy cookie??). Go head over to my first “Dunk Test” post Lidl Original Chocolate Chip Cookies, another Lidl brand item to see how they fared in comparison to these!

The Review

I loved these cookies. They were still perfectly crunchy after dunking them in the milk. The coarse sugar crystals on the outside were a real winner for me. The crunchy cookie even without the coarse sanding sugar was sweet all on its own.

Serving size was a bit disappointing as you only get two, but after devouring the first one as excited as I was, and then having the other with a glass of milk, I was totally satisfied.

This is the type of cookie that brought me back to my childhood where every Christmas my Grandma would have a big blue tin of those “butter cookies.” You know what tin I’m talking about, the one with all the pictures of the cookies going around the outside. I feel like everyone has eaten a cookie out of those blue tins at least once in their lifetime.

Make sure to drop a comment below if you’ve tried these before and let us know what you think! Lets us know if they were also as nostalgic for you as they were for me!

Buy It Again?

I will be buying these cookies for myself again definitely. My mom bought the first batch, and I only tasted two to rate and review. By the time I remembered she had bought them a few days later, they were totally gone. I mean there are only twelve in a pack and my Dad loves those butter cookies just as much as I do, so I have an idea as to where they all disappeared to.

Even though these cookies only have two per serving, and the amount of sugar in each serving is fairly high, I’m still giving these a 5 out of 5 shopping cart rating. They were perfectly crunchy with all that coarse sugar on the outside and the actual dough of the cookie was sweet.

Most importantly for me, they brought me right back to my childhood sitting at the dining room table as a little kid with my family reaching into that big blue butter cookie tin to grab “just one more!”

Rating Time!


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  1. Yep, we’ve all eaten a cookie out of that tin…and then put sewing supplies in it when emptied 😂😂 gotta get these with some coffee!

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