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Lidl’s Sierra Pines Merlot

Even if its not “Wine Down Wednesday” this Merlot is perfect for any day of the week! Where should I begin telling you about this wine? Let’s start with HOW DELICIOUS IT IS.

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What is Lidl’s Sierra Pines Merlot?

This Merlot is a medium bodied wine and very fruit forward. When I first tasted it all on its own, I immediately got notes of black cherry and plum.

Just to see if I trusted my own palate, I turned the bottle around to read what it was all about. Sure enough, I was right on the money.

This wine comes from California, USA and has won a Silver Medal at an Indy International Wine Competition. Recently, in 2020 this Merlot has also been awarded a Bronze Medal from USAWR (USA Wine Ratings).

This wine is absolutely delicious all on its own, or would be great to cook with. Whether that be in stews or for braising, or deglazing a pan with.

This Merlot would make the perfect addition to a fun new summer drink or a hearty fruit forward refreshing Sangria. We have more in store for this wine so make sure to check back to see what fun new recipe we’ve come up with.

You’re definitely going to want to save this new recipe for summer cookouts this year!

Where In the Store?

You can find this Sierra Pines Merlot in the wine section of Lidl stores.

Certain stores, like ours on Long Island don’t sell wine and beer (bummer), but other stored in different parts of the country do. I picked this bottle up in Virginia when was visiting my best friend a few weeks ago.

Other Lidl Sierra Pines Wines

In addition to the Merlot, Lidl brand of Sierra Pines also offers:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Shiraz
  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Grigio

Because our Lidl store on Long Island doesn’t offer a wine selection YET, I did pick up another type of wine in Virginia to try when I finish this Merlot. Check back to see which other wine I picked up and what I have to say about that one!

How to Serve Lidl Sierra Pines Merlot

There is no wrong way to serve wine. It’s pretty simple, you just pour it in a glass and enjoy. I have a hunch that this paired with Lidl Vanilla Sponge Cake would be totally delish!!

We used this Merlot to make a fun new cocktail. The bottle didn’t last long enough for me to pair it with dinner because we drank the entire thing in one sitting!!

Everyone loves a fun new summer cocktail to share with friends and family so make sure to keep checking back for our recipe!!

The Review

This wine was FANTASTIC.

I really love this wine because its just so versatile. It can be used to cook with, to pair with a great meal, create a fun new cocktail or enjoyed all on its own!

The only thing I wish is that I stocked up on this wine and bought another 3 bottles!! I might be making a call to my friend to grab a few more bottles next time they make a trip to their local Lidl store in Virginia.

This Merlot was again, very fruit forward with plum and cherry notes. Very dark and smooth, but light enough that it reminded me of a classic Merlot.

It’s classified as a Dry wine, with soft tannins and a smooth finish. One that can be enjoyed any day of the week, for any occasion!

Buy It Again?

I will definitely be buying this wine again, in fact I’m going to beg my friend to bring me a few more bottles when she comes to visit me soon.

I can’t wait to try the other styles of wine Sierra Pines offers.

Drop a comment below telling us if you’ve ever tried this and what you think!

Rating Time!


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  1. You are on point with this wine! My husband and I bought a few bottles a couple months ago and got 4 more yesterday. It’s ridiculously good for the price and I would love to put it up against some higher priced merlots in a blind tasting. The Cabernet is good as well. Fortunately I’m in Virginia too!😁

    1. A blind tasting would be so much fun! Love discovering new wines, and for such a great price! Jealous that you’re in Virginia and can buy it whenever you want! I always have to have my friends bring me a few bottles when they come up to New York for a visit!

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