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Lidl’s Mixed Berry Fruit Pastries

Who doesn’t love a quick snack? Something easy to take on the go, or a quick bite for breakfast when you know, you’re in a rush. Because who normally isn’t in a rush to get out the door in the morning? Keep reading to see how these Fruit Pastries from Lidl stood up to the test.

What are Lidl’s Mixed Berry Fruit Pastries?

These Mixed Berry Fruit Pastries are Lidl’s version of a crunchy pastry with a mixed berry filling, and topped with a flavored yogurt coating.

They come in a pack of two per pouch, with a total of ten pastries in the box.

They were crunchy, dry and chewy all at the same time? I’m not even sure how to describe the sensation that happened in my mouth as I bit into one of these.

Where In the Store?

I found these Mixed Berry Fruit Pastries in the aisle where Lidl offers granola bars, breakfast bars and other snacky type items.

Whenever I’m at Lidl, one of my favorite things to grab, especially to have with breakfast is Lidl’s 100% Orange Juice. This is a must try, my favorite orange juice anywhere, more than any other brand out there.

How to Serve Lidl’s Mixed Berry Fruit Pastries

My younger brother and I grew up eating Fig Newton bars, the ones made by Nabisco. We loved them so much, and I still love a good Fig Newton every once in a while now. My mom used to call them “cookie bars” in a ploy to get my brother to eat them, she was successful.

Once he finally tried them, (yes, he was a picky eater as a kid, I however was not), it was all over. The love of Fig Newtons was unbeatable. When these caught my eye at Lidl, I was sent back 20 years, to standing in the kitchen as a little kid, asking for a cookie bar. I needed to try these.

I figured you would eat these basically the same way you’d eat a Fig Newton. Tear into the package and enjoy, right? Well, yes that part is true, but enjoy….unfortunately I did not.

I opened the package which came with two pastries in it. I put them on a plate and broke a piece off.

These were just totally underwhelming and didn’t hit the mark for me. I was so disappointed. I was disappointed in the flavor, how thin they were, the little amount of “filling”, and not to mention the amount of sugars in two of these bad boys! 15g of sugar and 27 carbohydrates for two of these little pastries!! NO THANK YOU. I will eat my carbs and sugar elsewhere.

The Review

I really wish I had a better review for these Mixed Berry Fruit Pastries. I had such high hopes for them. They were nothing like Fig Newton Bars or Pop Tarts, these are in a “flop league” all their own.

They were crunchy on the outside, but it was almost like eating cardboard. The yogurt coating on top was completely underwhelming. In my opinion, it added zero flavor and sweetness to the “pastry.”

It’s hard for me to even call these a pastry. I feel as though I’m betraying all of my culinary experience and all the people in France, who actually know what a real pastry IS. And this is not it, far from it.

The beloved mixed berry filling, where do I begin? I love a good mixed berry filling in basically anything as much as the next person, but this wasn’t even close. The filling was chewy and had a hard, crystalized consistency.

The filling was so thin as you can see in the picture below I could barely even taste it. Such a tragedy to call this a mixed berry filling. From the picture on the box, it looks like you’re going to bite into this pasty and the filling might ooze out. Wrong. I had to look twice to make sure I bit into the middle the pastry, where I thought there would be plenty of filling.

Buy It Again?

I can tell you with all certainty that I will not be buying these Fruit Pastries from Lidl again. I disliked these so much that I didn’t even eat the other half of the first pastry, let alone the second one that came in the pouch. That’s when you know it’s bad if I don’t finish it LOL.

Although these were a big flop for me, I am still loving on so many other products from Lidl and will continue to try new and different things!

Comment and let us know if you’ve ever tried these pastries and if you enjoyed them! What are some of your favorite breakfast or snacky items from Lidl?

Rating Time!


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