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Lidl’s Shrimp Chips

Yes my friends, you are reading that correctly, Lidl always throws us some surprises with their snack variety!

Shrimp chips are on the shelves and you bet I had to try them out! Keep reading for our exclusive Two Cousins Cart Review and much more!

What are Lidl’s Shrimp Chips?

When I first saw these on the shelves at my local Lidl, your guess was as good as mine as to what the heck these “chips” were.

After doing a little bit of research, here’s what I came up with! Shrimp Chips are a common snack in South East Asia. They are made from Tapioca Flour and Shrimp or Prawns. The chips are fried, and often served at Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants!

These light and airy chips can be white, like the bag I tried here. Or, they can be colored pink, green or yellow to give them a better appeal, something a bit more fun to eat than just white crunchy chips I suppose.

Shrimp Chips are also called Prawn Crackers. They have a very, very slight sea or shrimp flavor and are very crunchy, airy and light.

Where In the Store?

I found this bag of Shrimp Chips in the “weekly specials” aisle of my Lidl store. I always walk through this aisle because you never know what you can find, just like these chips! Such unique items ranging from spices, condiments, desserts, chips to even garden tools!

This was the first time I’ve ever seen these chips on the shelves, so of course I grabbed a bag. I looked over the bag thoroughly before throwing them into my cart saying, “ehh, how bad could they be?”

Whenever you find yourself at your local Lidl store, always take some time out to peruse the “weekly specials” aisle and the middle aisles! The middle aisles are full of hidden treasures too, ranging from kitchen utensils to gardening tools, to clothing, children’s stuff and so much more!

How to Serve Lidl’s Shrimp Chips

My first hurdle was how can I explain what these chips even are to guests, or anyone trying them? My second hurdle was, how the heck do I serve these?

I popped the bag open and looked inside. Now, I know you can kind of see what they look like on the picture from the front of the bag, but I was still so surprised as to what they actually looked like!

I reached in the bag and before I popped it in my mouth I examined it fully, as only I would do. Of course, still skeptical about what I was about to embark on eating.

After giving these chips a “3 senses” once over, I ended up taking a bite out of one. After tasting these chips, I still really don’t know what I would serve them with.

I just ate them right out of the bag, and let me tell you they didn’t last that long. I really enjoyed them all on their own.

When I did a little of my own research on these chips, their history, and where they originate from, I read that they are typically served with crispy duck or as a garnish on many Chinese and Vietnamese dishes.

I know these chips are so unique, but I think they would be a great accompaniment alongside Lidl’s Chicken Egg Rolls and Trader Joe’s Gyoza Dipping Sauce!

The Review

These chips are so light and airy I totally loved them. I was nervous about the shrimp flavor being completely overwhelming, but it wasn’t at all!

The chips had a slightly sweet taste to them, I’m assuming from the tapioca flour they use to make the batter for these chips.

They were just salty enough, but not salty in a bad way, like fishy, it was just perfect. The saltiness and the sweetness from the tapioca totally worked well together. The taste was actually mild and very pleasant.

Impressed with these chips, I feel is an understatement! I found myself reaching in the bag for another one, then another one, and by the time I realized almost half of the bag had vanished!

I looked down into the bag and closed them up quickly before I ate the rest of them!

After I tried the first chip, I was shocked at how mild the taste was, and thought that maybe the next chip would have more to it, but it was just the same as the first one. Mild, crispy, light and airy.

In fact, the shrimp flavor was so mild my Dad couldn’t even pick out what flavor the chip was I had handed him. My Dad has a pretty good palate for someone who’s so picky about food, so I knew I had to test these on him.

He enjoyed them too, and actually asked to try another one!

Buy It Again?

If I can find these Shrimp Chips again I will definitely buy another bag, no questions.

I’m also looking forward to trying other International snacks that Lidl usually has on it’s “weekly specials” shelves. I really think I’ve found some of the most unique snacks I’ve ever tried there!

These chips are getting a 5 out of 5 cart rating from me because I was just so pleasantly surprised at their taste, crunchiness and how light and airy they were. They dissolved in your mouth, it was kind of neat actually.

Theses chips were a causal snack for me. I reached for them when I wanted something crunchy but not too overwhelming with flavor. Lidl’s Dill Pickle Potato Chips are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, that hits you with a bold punch of dill, vinegar and salt on the first bite. Sometimes, I just want something simple, and these hit the spot!

Tell us what you think! Have you ever tried any variety of Shrimp Chips? What are some of your favorite snacks from Lidl? Comment below and let us know!

Rating Time!


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