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Lidl’s Shrimp Wonton Soup with Noodles

Have you ever been told, “Don’t slurp your soup!! It’s not polite!!” Well, when eating ramen, that’s the exact opposite! Slurping your soup in Japan lets the chef know that you’re actually enjoying the food! What a compliment!

So whether you’re in Japan eating ramen, or in your own kitchen heating up this delicious soup, make sure to enjoy it and slurp away!!

What is Lidl’s Shrimp Wonton Soup with Noodles?

Lidl’s Shrimp Wonton Soup with Noodles is exactly what you’d expect. It reminds me of an amped up version of a “Cup of Noodles” or Instant Ramen soup.

On CP Authentic Asia’s Facebook page, they describe this soup as “a savory and satisfying dish inspired from the many flavors that come from the various provinces of China.”

When you open the package, it contains one microwave safe bowl. The bowl is full of frozen broth at the bottom and frozen ramen noodles in the middle. Nestled on the top, are the frozen shrimp wontons.

There were spring onions and pieces of garlic between the frozen broth layer and the ramen noodle layer, pictured below.

The hand wrapped wontons were made with traditional wonton wrappers and whole shrimp. I couldn’t tell if the broth was vegetable base or another flavor. Whatever it was, it was savory and delicious.

Where In the Store?

I found this soup in the frozen section of my local Lidl store. I know some stores are laid out differently, but mine usually has a section for each type of cuisine. This brand, “CP Authentic Asia” was next to the other brand that I recognize from Lidl; “Vitasia.”

Vitasia is the brand who makes the Shrimp Chips! I look for them every time I go to Lidl, but sadly I haven’t been able to find them again.

One of my best friends and college roommate, Carolyn was visiting for a few days last week. She has been wanting to visit my Lidl store for a while now because there are none close to her where she lives. She’s been following the blog since the beginning and has been wanting to try a few different things! On her last night visiting, we took a quick trip so she could pick up a few things to take back home with her.

The main reason we went was to pick up some of her favorite Dill Pickle Chips, but unfortunately they were sold out at the time. I usually bring her a bag of those and a dozen egg everything bagels when I visit her, because how can I show up for a visit without Long Island bagels?

As Carolyn browsed the store, picking up things she wanted, I made my way over to the frozen section. Every time I go to Lidl I always check out the frozen section and the “Weekly Surprises” section. I spotted this frozen soup and knew I had to try it.

How to Serve Lidl’s Shrimp Wonton Soup with Noodles

The microwavable safe bowl was filled with all of the ingredients. All I had to do was add water up to the “fill line” as indicated, and pop the top back on.

The instructions on the side of the package said to heat this soup on high in the microwave for 3 minutes and then let it stand for an additional minute with the lid on.

After letting the soup sit for the additional minute, I opened up the lid and just like magic, I had hot piping Shrimp Wonton Soup with Noodles.

My mom and I had had a late lunch the day I decided to try this soup. It was kind of late to be eating dinner, so I figured we could have something light, and this seemed like the perfect soup to try. So instead of eating the whole portion, which I totally could have, I split the soup up into two small bowls. One little serving each for my mom and I, with 3 shrimp wontons in each bowl.

As you can see from the last picture in the post, I added some of my own chives and a few black and white sesame seeds, for garnish.

If you want to make a full meal out of this ramen, these scallion pancakes would be fantastic on the side!

The Review

This ramen soup was OUTSTANDING. I mean, I really couldn’t have asked for a better frozen ramen soup. If someone had just set this down in front of me, ready to eat, I would never guess that it came from frozen.

The shrimp wontons were tender, moist and delicious. The whole shrimp inside the wonton wrapper were small, but the perfect size to bite into.

Ramen noodles can be tricky, especially when heated from frozen. This company totally nailed it. The noodles were soft and chewy, the perfect texture for a ramen. Not to mention there were plenty of them! After splitting the soup up into two bowls I realized how many noodles there actually were!

In my opinion, the broth is the most important part of soup, especially in ramen. The broth was savory and packed with so much flavor, I was so impressed. My mom kept commenting how much she was enjoying her soup as we ate.

The spring onions and garlic that were in between the broth and ramen noodle layer were just perfect. They really rounded out the dish and gave it that extra flavor boost. It added to the savoriness in the broth. Spring onions are usually traditional in ramen soup as well!

Buy It Again?

The answer to this question is 1,000% YES. As a matter of fact, as soon as I’m finished writing this post, I might jump in my car and grab a few more boxes. IT WAS THAT GOOD.

It was such a quick and easy weeknight (or late night) dinner that it’s a “no brainer” that I will be buying this soup again. Also adding to the fact, that I love ramen soup, any kind. I’m always willing to try something different, and I’m so glad I did!

I wish I could give this a 100 out of 5 carts, but I suppose I can stick to 5 out of 5 carts this time! If I can give any advice, run don’t walk to your closest Lidl store and buy this soup! You will thank me later.

Rating Time!


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