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Trader Joe’s Tangerine Cream Bars

I was the boring kid who, when the ice cream truck rang its way down our street at dinnertime each summer night, ALWAYS picked the creamsicles over the chipwiches, ice cream tacos, and rocket pops. As an adult, I’m sort of feeling vilified as the raves are pouring in for Trader Joe’s Tangerine Cream Bars.

But do they compare to the classic creamsicle and are they worth buying at all? Read on and see!

Front of a package of Trader Joe's Tangerine Cream Bars.

What are Trader Joe’s Tangerine Cream Bars?

I have to admit that my heart skipped a beat when I first heard about these Tangerine Cream Bars a few weeks back!

Citrusy cream popsicles?! Like CREAMSICLES?! Oh my word YES!!

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients on the box of Trader Joe's Tangerine Cream Bars.

If you grew up as the kid who chose the creamsicle over anything else off of the ice cream truck – and YOU know who you are! – then you’ll be just as excited as I am about these nostalgic frozen treats.

However, instead of orange, these bars consist of tangerine-flavored sherbet wrapped around a creamy vanilla ice cream filling. The sherbet is light, refreshing, and just so perfect to cool down with on a hot summah’s day.

Overhead view of one of a hand holding an unwrapped Trader Joe's Tangerine Cream Bar. Below the bar is the open box of cream bars as well as 3 other cream bars in their wrappers on the table.

You’ll need to get a few bites of the bright and light sherbet in before you reach the vanilla but those bites are well worth the wait. Because, the combination of citrus and creamy vanilla ice cream is what these ice cream bars are all about, isn’t it?!

These tangerine creamsicles come in at just 125 calories per bar which makes them a great little treat if you’re watching your caloric intake. For some reason though, the serving size on these cream bars is 2.

Description on the side of the box of Trader Joe's Tangerine Cream Bars.

I can’t see many people, including myself, eating 2 of the bars in one sitting and I definitely wouldn’t consider giving my kid 2 bars for a snack. In fact, she barely ate half of one of them before deciding she was finished.

Where In the Store?

You can find these Tangerine Cream Bars in the frozen aisle of Trader Joe’s nestled among the other ice cream and frozen treats like the Hold the Cone! Mini Cones and down a few steps from the Southern Peach Crisp Ice Cream.

How to Serve Tangerine Cream Bars

Obviously, serving these popsicles isn’t rocket science. Open the wrapper, pull out the bar, and EAT!

Poolside with my little one is my favorite place to eat these bars. But, if you also have little ones running around the house like knuckleheads this summer, a fantastic way to give yourself a little break is to pop them into the bathtub with one of these cream bars.

They can be as messy as they’re inevitably going to be with a popsicle in hand and then you can quickly give them a twofer bath when they’ve finished their pops.

This trick also works with ANY other kind of popsicle!!

The Review

The Tangerine Cream Bars are some of the best ice cream treats I’ve tried yet from Trader Joe’s! They’re cool, refreshing, and just so darn delicious!

I do wish the citrus flavor was a bit stronger but I’m not really going to complain that much, especially since the combination of the tangerine and vanilla is exceptional.

Riley absolutely loved these cream bars too! She’s a big big orange juice fan so I wasn’t all that surprised that she fell for these bars as hard as she did.

We ate them with our feet dipped in the pool last weekend and it couldn’t have been a more fun way to cool down on a hot summer afternoon!

Buy It Again?

I definitely plan to stock our freezer with these Tangerine Cream Bars this summer since they’re the perfect treat for a hot day.

If you’re planning to try them, take note though! They are a seasonal item so they won’t be available for long! Stock up while you can, friends!

Rating Time!


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