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The Best Trader Joe’s Items to Stock Your College Dorm or College Apartment With

It’s almost back to college time and right about now, you’re probably hauling all your stuff out of your summer storage to get it ready. It’s been a loooong time since our college days but we sure do miss the excitement around this time of year!

We don’t, however, miss the crappy dining hall food and even crappier delivery pizza!

So let’s make a plan to get you ready to stock your (or your kids’!) college dorm or college apartment with the best that Trader Joe’s has to offer!

Here’s what we’re talkin’ about:

  • a shitload of the best late-night snacks
  • the best budget-friendly, microwave-ready, and easy-to-prep meals
  • grab-and-go snacks for your backpack
  • on-the-run breakfast ideas


  • Buy an insulated freezer bag. At $4.99, this will be your best purchase for toting cold and freezer stuff home from the store. Drop a cheap ice pack in there for extra insurance.
  • Make a list. Sticking to a budget isn’t easy especially when faced with hundreds of amazing things to try at Trader Joe’s. Having a list will keep you focused while you’re shopping.
  • Return what you don’t like. Trader Joe’s has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you don’t like any of the items you you’ve tried or they’ve spoiled before the “use by” date, don’t be afraid to return them and get your money back. We get that as a college student on a budget, every single penny counts!

Here's The Best Trader Joe's Stuff to Stock Your College Dorm or College Apartment With

NOTE: Some of the items on this list are carried seasonally at Trader Joe’s so they won’t be available year-round.


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