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Trader Joe’s ABC Bars

I’ve been curious about these ABC Bars for a while now, and I finally decided to buy them on my last Trader Joe’s run!

Keep reading to see what they’re all about, and for our exclusive cart review! Will they end up in our carts again?

What are Trader Joe’s ABC Bars?

The ABC in the name actually stands for the main ingredients in the bar! (A) is for almond, (B) is for butter, and the (C) stands for Cocoa.

The box indicates that the bars are soft and chewy chocolate dough with creamy almond butter filling.

The bars reminded me of cocoa Nutrigrain Bars and Fig Newtons, and they were about the same size. They were wrapped in a package similar to a protein bar, or an Rx Bar. There was one bar per package, and the bars are both Vegan and Gluten Free!

Where In the Store?

I found the ABC Bars in the cereal aisle. They were near the other oat and fruit bars, hemp seed bars and chia seed bars.

I love the packaging, its very simple and to the point. On my next trip to Trader Joe’s I might have to pick up a box of the PB&J Bars that were right next door. I’m a sucker for anything with peanut or nut butter, what can I say?

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How to Serve Trader Joe’s ABC Bars

There really isn’t a specific way to serve these bars. You rip open the packaging and take a bite. BOOM…you’ve been served.

These bars are really handy to take on-the-go, keep in your desk drawer, backpack, or in the glove box of your car!

Each bar has 4 grams of protein, which I know isn’t really a lot, but if you’re starving and in a pinch, these are a pretty good solution.

If you really like these bars and want to try another fun way to eat them try this! Make an almond butter cocoa sandwich by drizzling Trader Joe’s almond butter in-between two ABC bars. Double the almond butter! What could be better?

The Review

I liked these, but I didn’t love them if you know what I mean. I can take ’em or leave ’em.

The “chocolatey dough” as they’re describing it, was more of like a not so sweet cocoa dough. A touch of sweetness did come through however with the almond butter filling.

The bars themselves were soft and chewy, just as described, that part I did enjoy. The dough is filled with chewy oats, some soft of fig paste and a touch of almond butter to bring it all together.

Stuffed inside the ABC is their renowned Almond Butter, YUUUMM. I’m a HUGE fan of their almond and cashew butters, thats why I was so eager to try these! The amount of filling inside the bar is pretty decent. You can definitely taste the almond butter when you bite into these.

I really wasn’t a big fan the first time I tried it, but now writing this post, I ripped open one more to give it another try. The second time around was better, maybe they’re growing on me.

If I had to put these in a breakfast, lunch or dinner category I would definitely put them into the breakfast category. Here are a few other breakfast items that we’ve tried so far, go check them out!

Buy It Again?

To be able to say with certainty I will buy these again is questionable. I know what they taste like now, and I’ll probably finish this box of six bars, but I don’t know if I’ll be buying another one.

There are so many other breakfast and fruit bars that I want to try first before I’d buy these again.

Have you ever tried these before? Comment below and let us know what you think about them! What are your favorite breakfast bars from Trader Joe’s?

Happy Hauling!

Rating Time!


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