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Trader Joe’s Almond Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets (NEW ITEM!!)

For all of those who love the classic peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets, buckle up. Trader Joe’s has just released a new pretzel nugget, with yes, ALMOND BUTTER.

What are Trader Joe’s Almond Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets?

These perfectly sized pretzel nuggets are filled with Trader Joe’s famous Almond Butter. They put their twist on a classic snack so many of us love.

Pretzels and peanut butter are an all time favorite flavor combination for so many people.

Salty, sweet and crunchy, obviously the perfect mix. It’s almost as good as chocolate covered pretzels, just a close second.

Where In the Store?

I found these Almond Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets in the snack aisle. They were near the other pretzel items Trader Joe’s has to offer.

Some other items in that same aisle are Trader Joe’s Crispy Crunchy Crisps (NEW ITEM!!) and Trader Joe’s Chips in a Pickle (NEW ITEM!)

How to Serve Trader Joe’s Almond Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets

These are considered a snack to me. So, snacks naturally should be eaten right out of the bag!

I tore into the bag and popped one right into my mouth. I was so eager to try this new item because I really enjoy Trader Joe’s Almond Butter and I love their original Peanut Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets.

If you really want to get fancy with these, I have a few ideas of what you can do with these pillows of deliciousness. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Crumble these up and sprinkle the pretzel almond crunch mixture over some vanilla or chocolate ice cream. YUM. An ice cream topping thats a pretzel and almond butter? Heck yes.
  • Dip these nuggets into your favorite chocolate, whether that be milk, dark or white chocolate. I said earlier that chocolate covered pretzels are #1 in my life, well here’s how to combine the best of both worlds. Chocolate covered almond butter filled pretzel nuggets. My work here is done.
  • Cover these nuggets in powdered sugar, add some Chex mix and some of your favorite M&M’s (plain, peanut, peanut butter, dark chocolate…the possibilities are endless.) BOOM. Homemade Puppy Chow. You can thank me later.
  • Add these to a trail mix, with some dried fruits, nuts, Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Protein Granola, Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups (NEW ITEM!!), and Trader Joe’s Organic Banana Chips.

These almond butter filled nuggets are the perfect snack to bring on the go, for car rides, to the beach or camping.

They are so simple, why had no one thought of this before? I hope they come out with a Cashew Butter filled pretzel nugget as well! YUM. Or better yet, a SPECULOOS COOKIE BUTTER filled nugget!! Be still my heart, one can only hope.

The Review

I grew up eating peanut butter filled pretzels as a kid, usually whenever I was visiting a friends house. We didn’t have them in our house because my younger brother is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.

I totally loved these Almond Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets. They were a twist on a classic throw back for me.

As you can see from the picture below, I was trying to get a good picture of that delicious creamy Almond Butter filling.

I gave this the cart rating I did only because I wish there was MORE filling. I felt like it needed to be filled more. The ratio of Almond Butter filling to pretzel didn’t match for me.

Everything else about these were on point. Salty and crunchy on the outside. Creamy and sweet in the middle.

Buy It Again?

I will absolutely buy these Almond Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets again. They are the perfect snack, can be used in many different ways and so easy to take with you anywhere.

Go get your hands on a bag (or two) of these, and lets all hope that this new item is here to stay!!

Let us know what your favorite filled pretzel is! Have you ever tried Trader Joe’s original Peanut Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets? Do these Almond Butter filled Nuggets blow past the competition?

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Rating Time!


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