Trader Joe’s April Haul

Going to Trader Joe’s is like going to Target. You go in with 8 things on your list and leave $200 later.

– Tara Liptak

This quote is my life. I mean, how many of you feel the same??

Where I Shop

I prepped for my April Trader Joe’s Haul over the weekend and apparently, didn’t use my crystal ball because my cart reflected almost nothing of my original list. There were SO many fantastic finds this week!

As a little background, I don’t shop exclusively at Trader Joe’s. My grocery shopping consists of a melange of stores:

  • My local Hannaford
  • Whole Foods (hello delivery to my rural area!!)
  • A local market for meats and quick stops during the week
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Local farm stands in the summer and fall
  • Target, if I’m there for other shopping

I typically find myself in Trader Joe’s 1 or 2 times per month. It’s a 25 minute drive from my house so quick stops aren’t all that feasible for me and I usually try to squeeze it in between pre-school drop off and pick up.

What’s In My Haul

So this trip to Trader Joe’s was a WINNER for me! I found one item I had been searching months for and I picked up a bunch of new things that got me really excited. And 2 of them are BRAND new!

Again, this is just a snapshot of my most recent TJ’s haul. What you don’t see here are the multiple packages of mini cucumbers, baby carrots, and fresh raspberries that seem to disappear in a flash, a whole bunch of veggies to get us through the week, and a few other staples.

Haul Talk

A few of the things from this haul are ones that I’ve bought before – the Garlic Naan, the Lemon Basil Pasta Salad, and the Cruciferous Crunch Mix – and can’t wait to review for you because we LOVE them so!

I’ve been searching for the Magnifisauce for months and finally found it on this TJ’s run. YAY! I’ve made a secret burger sauce before so I’m curious to see how that compares with the Magnifisauce. More on that soon!

I picked up the cauliflower dip and the pimento cheese dip as well and some guac because we’re all home this week on spring break. And that means extra snacking!

Overall, this haul was a great one and I hope you can pull some inspo for your next trip to Trader Joe’s!


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