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Trader Joe’s Better Than Leftovers! Dog Treats

Who doesn’t love to spoil their pets with lots and lots of treats? I KNOW WE DO! Keep reading to see if these dog treats were up to Stella’s standards!

What are Trader Joe’s Better Than Leftovers! Dog Treats?

These are one of the only peanut butter and nut free treats I could find at my local Trader Joe’s store. These treats are a variety of different flavors. They’re a collection of soft baked dog treats, that have been inspired by your very own dinner table!

Roast beef, gravy, cheese, sweet potato and apple pie are the assorted flavors that come in the bag.

About Stella

Stella was adopted by my bother last year during the Covid-19 pandemic. She is a chocolate brown lab and boxer mix and is 1 year and 1 month old, so still technically a puppy. She is the sweetest thing you’d ever want to meet, with such a loving personality and the cutest little face.

Notoriously, our family, including my brother have only ever had cats as pets. My brother moved to Delaware for work a few years ago, and my brother realized he needed a furry friend, so he went and adopted Stella.

Here are a few of Stellas favorite things:

  • Taking trips to Fire Island with her Aunt Mariah, she’s a beach dog now
  • Riding on the ferry
  • Running on the beach and playing in the ocean
  • Her favorite toy is her Kong, we’ve named it “bad fishy”
  • Loves taking naps
  • Playing fetch, and actually bringing the ball back!

Stella is always up for an adventure and is the sweetest little addition to our family anyone could have asked for. My brother did good.

You can give these treats to your dog in between meals, or as a reward, as we did for Stella.

We all LOVE rewarding Stella because she’s always such a good dog, and it helps her learn positive reinforcement with her commands. These treats can be eaten whole, especially by Stella because she is on the larger breed size, or they can be broken into pieces for a dog who needs a little bit of a smaller portion.

Where In the Store?

Trader Joe’s has a section of pet food and products that is pretty extensive if you ask me.

On my last Trader Joe’s May Haul shopping spree I picked these Better Than Leftovers! Dog Treats up for Stella to try. I was a little disappointed in the selection of peanut butter and nut free options for dogs, since my brother is highly allergic to both, that in turn makes Stella allergic too.

Since these were the only option at the time I was there, I grabbed a bag, they looked interesting enough.

How to Serve Trader Joe’s Better Than Leftovers! Dog Treats

As I was typing this part of the post out and came across this question, I found myself laughing out loud. Only because I couldn’t get the image out of my head of a butler serving these doggie treats on a silver platter to a bunch of spoiled dogs around a pool or something.

“Serving” these treats is just a bit different in this post because, well they’re for dogs!! And for all those who have dogs, or pets in general, you don’t serve treats to them, you get it to their mouths as fast as possible! When you say the word “treat” in our house it’s like saying to a little kid “do you want to go to McDonald’s?”

Obviously the answer is YES, ALWAYS YES.

My brother has been working very hard with Stella to try and get her to “sit”, “give paw” and “lay down.” They have just about two of those commands down pat. She also knows how to fetch and the words “drop it.”

As soon as I opened the bag to take some pictures of the treats themselves, I got hit with an overwhelming smell of apples! It was pretty cool actually because most dog treats smell, like well…dog treats!

These treats were the perfect little size, they were about an inch and a half in diameter, just small enough to be able to give your dog more than one, because ya know, we spoil our pets in this house.

I was pleased to see the amount that was in the bag as well. Stella goes through treats like crazy because she’s such a good girl. We’re always trying out new treats on her to see if she likes them.

The Review

So Stella believe it or not is a PICKY eater. And yes, before you say anything I know she’s a dog, how could she be a picky eater? Most dogs will devour their food in 30 seconds or less of you putting it in their bowls. Stella is more of a grazer in that she’ll eat a little bit of her food throughout the day.

My brother and mom have gone through almost 4 different brands of dog foods since Stella and Alec have moved back home temporarily. I think they’ve finally found one that she enjoys, thank goodness!

These treats were a hit!! Stella absolutely loved them as you can see by the tongue picture below!

If that isn’t the face of, “I’d like more please! Those were goooooood!!”

When we want to give Stella a treat, we do have her do a command, like “sit” with a hand gesture, or “lay down”, with a hand gesture as well. Alec and Stella are still working on “give paw.”

Have you ever bought these for your doggo? Comment below and let us know how much your furry friend loved them, or didn’t love them!

Buy It Again?

Since Stella enjoyed these so much, I will be picking up another bag for my brother since he doesn’t frequent Trader Joe’s really ever LOL. They were reasonably priced, especially for the amount that came in the bag.

I’m thrilled that she loved them as much as I thought she would, with her being that much of a picky eater.


The one thing I wish is that Trader Joe’s had more of a selection of dog treats without peanut butter. That would be wonderful! But for now, while we wait, these will definitely be in Stellas repertoire of treats she enjoys.

Rating Time!


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