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Trader Joe’s Cambozola Cheese

Trader Joe’s is becoming increasingly well-known for their HUGE cheese selection, including gems like Unexpected Cheddar and Melange that have been around forever (it seems). Cambozola sounds like a completely wonky type of cheese but it was recently spotlighted as one of the best burger cheeses at Trader Joe’s and so, I had to try it.

Package of Trader Joe's Cambozola Cheese on a marble countertop. The package is unopened and shows the Nutrition Facts and Ingredient list.

What is Trader Joe’s Cambozola Cheese?

You might be surprised to hear that Cambozola cheese isn’t actually a cheese unique to Trader Joe’s. That’s right!

Sold in many places, like the famous Murray’s cheese shop in New York City, Cambozola is a cow’s milk cheese that is a mix between a French triple-cream cheese (similar to brie), and a soft, mild Italian gorgonzola.

It sounds like such a strange combination but it the two cheeses totally work together here!

Melted Trader Joe's Cambozola Cheese on a burger with lettuce, tomato, and ketchup. The burger is between 2 Trader Joe's Cauliflower Thins.

The cheese as a whole is creamy and so it melts beautifully when heated or served over hot food. If you’re a brie lover, with how creamy and spreadable it gets when warmed, you’ll certainly appreciate this cheese!

Flavor-wise, it’s both mild and full of classic blue cheese “zing.” But at the same time, I didn’t feel like I was eating just a blue cheese (because I wasn’t!).

Where In the Store?

You can find this Cambozola in the cheese area of the refrigerated prepared foods section at Trader Joe’s. Check down by the triple cream and brie wedges!

How to Serve Cambozola

Cambozola is the type of cheese that you can serve and use in so many ways!

Because it’s similar to brie, you can serve it by itself with some crackers or as part of a charcuterie board. It makes such a great snacking cheese!

I used this Cambozola in 2 different ways; both of them made for equally outstanding dinners!

Trader Joe's Cambozola Cheese crumbled on top of sliced ribeye steak and caramelized onions. Next to the steak is some roasted broccoli.

First, we grilled some ribeye steaks and made a pan of caramelized onions. Then we topped the sliced stead with onions and nuggets of the Cambozola cheese on top of the hot onions. On the side we served some air fried broccoli.

And OH BOY!! What a fantastic dinner this was!! The Cambozola just melted right into the onions and steak, creating creamy cheese swirls that you could almost take for blue cheese butter-topped steak. Swoon!!!

The second meal we used this cheese with was on our weekly burger night. With the Cambozola, we turned humble hamburgers into absolutely incredible blue cheese burgers!

Again, caramelized onions were involved – how could they not be with blue cheese? – and this time we added bacon to the burgers as well. I mean seriously, does burger night get any better than this??

Drop a comment at the bottom of this page to tell us how you’d use or have used Cambozola!!

The Review

We are major cheese fans here and we love trying new cheeses!

When it comes to soft ripened triple cream cheeses, I’m all over them. I absolutely adore brie and in my opinion, the softer, the better!

I’ve just come around in the past few years to liking blue cheese varieties. I started with crumbly gorgonzola on my salads and burgers, and have moved on to “stinkier” blue cheeses from many different regions. I wouldn’t say I’m a blue cheese connoisseur, but I’ve loved many of the types I’ve tried.

In any event, this Cambozola is a beautiful marriage of brie and blue cheese. It’s creamy, tangy, spreadable, and utterly delicious.

If you’re looking for a unique cheese for a cheese or charcuterie board or to add to the top of your burgers and steak, THIS is the cheese for you!

Buy It Again?

I’ll be buying this Cambozola for many years to come! I’m a big fan of soft ripened cheeses like brie and this cheese is the perfection combination of triple cream and blue cheeses.

If you’re also a fan of either type of cheese, make sure you try this one out the next time you see it in the store and let us know what you think!

Rating Time!


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