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Trader Joe’s Chips in a Pickle

Where are our pickle fans? Can you get onboard with pickle potato chips? Trader Joe’s Chips in a Pickle are a new item (in Spring 2021) that’s selling fast but are they worth the hype?

Front of a bag of Trader Joe's Chips in a Pickle.

What are Chips in a Pickle?

Chips in a Pickle are Trader Joe’s answer to the ever-growing demand for pickle-flavored potato chips. These days, basically every brand of potato chips in the U.S. has its own pickle variety of chips.

And I’m starting to wonder: Do we have a pickle chip war on our hands?

Trader Joe’s pickle chips are kettle cooked chips that are seasoned with dill, onion powder, and vinegar. They’re coated with a light dusting of the seasoning, which reminds me of a seasoned powder that coats sour cream and onion chips – not the flavor, just the texture. And while not a seasoning, there’s some sugar in the chip coating mix to balance the acidity of the vinegar.

Nutrition Facts on the Trader Joe's Chips in a Pickle bag.

The Crunch Factor

Let’s face it, The Crunch Factor is what makes or breaks a potato chip. Am I right?

These chips are CRUNCHY! They’re kettle cooked, so you know The Crunch Factor is way up there.

If you’re from the Northeast, then you’re probably familiar with Deep River Chips and these are similar in size, thickness, and texture. They’re real dark russet potatoes that are simply sliced, kettle cooked, and seasoned.

Where In the Store?

Since these pickle chips are a new item, you can find them on the New Items end cap display at Trader Joe’s (as of 4/20/21). If they’re not on this display, check the Chips and Snacks aisle; the products on the New Items display are constantly being rotated when new ones arrive in the store.

How to Serve Trader Joe’s Pickle Chips

Is there a wrong way to serve chips? I mean, it’s not rocket science, people!

Just open the bag and dig in! You MAY want to wait until you get home from your own TJ’s run because opening them in the car could be dangerous. That mindless eating while you’re driving will quickly lead to an almost empty bag by the time you get home.

A pile of Trader Joe's Chips in a Pickle on a white plate with polka dots. There is also a ham and cheese sandwich on focaccia bread on the plate next to the pile of chips. In the back of the plate is the bag of pickle chips leaning against a tall, skinny can of sparkling water.

But seriously, add these chips as a side to a sandwich or burger and you won’t be disappointed. Or stuff them into a tuna or egg salad sandwich for a crunchy pop of dill flavor.

And of course, chips and dip are always welcome too! Onion dip might be a little funky with these pickle chips so I’d suggest a ranch or vegetable dip instead. And if you’re really into pickles, try my Dill Pickle Dip. It’s packed with chopped pickles and pickle juice!

Overhead photo of dill pickle potato chips on a white polka dot plate with a sandwich on focaccia bread next to them. Next to the plate is the bag of Trader Joe's Chips in a Pickle and a can of rhubarb and strawberry sparkling water. There is a hand entering the photo from the bottom and it's taking one of the chips off the plate.

The Review

I realize that Mariah only recently reviewed Lidl’s dill pickle potato chips but I just couldn’t hold off any longer on reviewing Trader Joe’s new pickle chips. They’re just SO GOOD!

I’ve only recently come around to liking pickles in the past few years so I wouldn’t consider myself a huge pickle fan. Because of that, these chips are something I would probably have passed on in the store had it not been for the hype I had been reading about them on social media.

And man oh MAN! They absolutely live up all that hype! These pickle potato chips are so fantastic!!

They’re suuuuper crunchy, perfectly tangy, and popping with dill and a mild vinegar flavor. These chips taste the way potato chips should taste: like actual potatoes with some really good seasoning.

They went over big time in my house, even with the sometimes picky husband and our toddler, who tends to be hot and cold about all kinds of food, even if she loved to eat something just the day before.

Overhead photo of dill pickle potato chips on a white polka dot plate with a sandwich on focaccia bread next to them. Next to the plate is the bag of Trader Joe's Chips in a Pickle and a can of rhubarb and strawberry sparkling water.

Buy It Again

For as long as these Chips in a Pickle potato chips are available at Trader Joe’s, you can be sure that I’ll be buying them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they never ever become one of those dreaded discontinued items!

Rating Time!


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