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Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Wafer Cookie with Peanut Butter Filling (NEW ITEM!!)

Where are my chocolate peanut butter lovers?! Listen up! Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Wafer Cookies with Peanut Butter Filling are a NEW item that you’re going to go “nuts” for!

What are Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Wafer Cookies with Peanut Butter Filling?


Ever had a Kit-Kat bar? Well, Trader Joe’s newest chocolate candy is an updated version of their own brand of wafer cookie bar. And it perfectly mimics a Kat-Kat bar!

But this candy is filled with, yup you guessed it, PEANUT BUTTER!!

So, these cookie-candy bars are made up of layers of paper thin wafer cookies with peanut butter filling sandwiched between the layers. The peanut butter wafers are then dunked in a thin coating of chocolate.

I’m not sure why this is, but TJ’s calls this a cookie. I know there are wafers that are sold in the cookie aisle – at least in regular grocery stores here in the U.S. – but this clearly a candy bar! Those wafers in the cookie aisle are exactly the same as what’s inside this candy (paper thin wafers with a cream filling), but they’re not coated in chocolate.

ANYWAY! If you’ve ever eaten a Reese’s Sticks, you’ll know how great this combination of flavors is. Heck, if you’re a chocolate peanut butter fan, you DEFINITELY already know this!!

Where In the Store?

You can find the Chocolate Covered Wafer Cookies with Peanut Butter Filling in the candy aisle or area of Trader Joe’s. Since they’re a new item, I’ve also seen them on the New Items end cap in Trader Joe’s, too.

Of course, they make for a great impulse buy as well, and I’ve also seen these candy bars on the small product shelves at the cash registers.

Smart move, TJ’s!!

How to Serve Chocolate Covered Wafer Cookies with Peanut Butter Filling

Since this is a candy bar, you’re obviously going to just tear open that package and eat the candy, right? It’s not rocket science!

BUT! If you know me, you know I’m always thinking of different ways to use simple things. Here are a few of my ideas for how to get creative with these peanut butter candy bars:

  • Chop them up and toss them into cookie dough
  • Cut them into 4 rectangles and use them as the chocolate layer in your next campfire s’mores
  • Use them as layers in a pudding cake or ice cream cake
  • Break them into pieces and use them as the base of a cupcake (similar to these Oreo red velvet cupcakes)
  • Cut them into skinny rectangles and line a trifle bowl with them. Fill the bowl with layers of cubed poundcake or chocolate cake and whipped cream along with any other candy you love!

The Review

You guys, if you’re a Kit-Kat lover, Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Wafer Cookies with Peanut Butter Filling are going to be a big hit with you!

This candy bar, which TJ’s refers to as a cookie, is crispy, crunchy, and delicious!

I did expect a bit more peanut butter flavor from this treat but I’m happy to overlook that since the rest of the candy is so good.

The downside? It’s a BIG candy bar – not the actual downside – and in the time it takes you to eat a whole one, if you dare attempt it, your fingers will be covered in chocolate. For this reason, it definitely makes more sense to keep the wrapper on while you munch.

However, the wrapper kind of gets in the way while you’re eating because it’s just such a big candy bar.

I don’t know – am I being too picky here??

Anywho! I wouldn’t turn down an offer of one of these peanut butter wafer “cookies” if someone handed me one! They’re great!!

Buy It Again?

Honestly, the first time I tried TJ’s newest wafer cookie candy bar, I wasn’t balled over with it and didn’t think I’d be buying any more of them.

However, by the time Kyle and I broke into the 2nd bar a few nights later – post-Riley bedtime (insert evil parent laugh here) – I had come around to them. And I found myself picking up a few of them again when I was in TJ’s last week.

I don’t think these peanut butter candy bars will be a “must buy” for me in the future, especially since I don’t often buy candy bars, but if the mood strikes me right when I’m in the store, at least I know they’re great enough to indulge in again.

Rating Time!


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