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Trader Joe’s Chocolatey Coated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers

If you’ve been down the frozen aisle at Trader Joe’s and glanced up at the shelf above the freezers, you’ve seen the gigantic cookie selection. Nestled on the shelves are Trader Joe’s Dunkers in 3 varieties. Today, we’re chatting about the Chocolatey Coated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers!

Package of Trader Joe's Chocolately Coated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers with a brown Trader Joe's shopping bag in the back of the package.

What are Trader Joe’s Chocolatey Coated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers?

Let’s start off by reviewing what dunkers actually are, shall we?

Dunkers are flat, oblong, crunchy cookies that are designed for dunking in coffee, tea, and milk. They’re meant to hold up to hot drinks so that they don’t crumble off into the bottom of your mug. So frustrating, right?

Imagine what a crispy chocolate chip cookie would look like if it were smashed down into the shape of a flat biscotti. Can you picture it? That’s what a dunker is!

Trader Joe’s sells 3 varieties of dunkers throughout the year:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers
  • Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie Dunkers
  • Chocolatey Coated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers
Nutrition Facts and Ingredients list on the back of a package of Trader Joe's Chocolately Coated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers.

And with the widespread popularity of these cookies, Aldi has its own version of chocolate chip dunkers that we’ve reviewed too!

If you’re a crispy chocolate chip cookie lover, you’re in for a treat because the Trader Joe’s chocolate coated dunkers are definitely crispy and full of crunch!

Flavor-wise, you can expect a decent chocolate chip cookie here. But what makes these dunker cookies so addicting is a 2-fold approach:

  • Tiny bits of shredded coconut are added to the dough which create a little extra texture and a distinct, yet subtle toasted coconut flavor, and
  • The chocolate coating on the bottom of the cookies.

The coconut definitely isn’t an overwhelming flavor and you won’t feel like you’re eating coconut cookies. I make toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies on the reg and my cookies are definitely heavy on the coconut flavor, unlike these Dunkers.

The chocolate coating is a total winner here! Not only does it add an extra bit of chocolatey flavor to the cookies, but when dunked into a hot drink, the coating gets all melty and delicious.

If you haven’t tried these cookies yet, I swear you won’t be able to stop eating them!

Where In the Store?

You can find these Chocolatey Coated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers in the Freezer aisle at Trader Joe’s on one of the two very long cookie shelves.

What do Make with Trader Joe’s Chocolatey Chip Dunkers

Normally at this point in a post here on Two Cousins, I’d be chatting about how to serve these cookies. But cookies are cookies, right?

Instead, let’s discuss ways you can use these cookies to make other desserts!

Ice cream topping. To elevate a simple bowl of ice cream, make a sundae! Simply crumble these dunkers up and sprinkle them over the top of your favorite ice cream and add some easy homemade hot fudge and 3 ingredient salted caramel sauce!

Mini ice cream sandwiches. Crispy cookies make better ice cream sandwiches than chewy ones do since they have a little more room to soften and absorb the flavor of the ice cream while they set up in the freezer.

Stirred into softened ice cream. Mix some chopped up Dunkers and chopped up Oreo cookies or Trader Joe’s Chocolate & Peanut Butter Joe-Joe’s Sandwich Cookies into softened ice cream. Then, refreeze the ice cream for a few hours. The result is a semi-homemade version of Ben & Jerry’s Milk and Cookies ice cream! So good!!

Chocolate chip ice box cake. Normally for an ice box cake, I would use my homemade chocolate wafer cookies but these Dunkers are thin enough to work perfectly in place of wafer cookies. How amazing would a no-bake dessert like that be on a hot summer’s day?!

Cookie buttercream frosting. My last brilliant idea – at least for right now! – for repurposing these dunker cookies is to mix crushed up cookies into buttercream frosting and use it to frost a cake or cupcakes. And then top the cake or cupcakes with a few larger crumble pieces.

I’ve made frosting for Oreo cupcakes this way and it’s a fantastic way to infuse cookie flavor into cake or cupcake frosting!

The Dunk Test

I sort of feel like a pro when it comes to dunking these Dunkers. After all, as the name implies, they are MADE for dunking so it’s been my mission since I started buying these cookies years ago to DUNK DUNK DUNK!

If you remember from other cookie posts, the Dunk Test requires 3 consecutive dunks to test how well the cookie holds up without crumbling into a mushy mess at the bottom of the cup.

And as you would expect, these cookies hold up fabulously to multiple dunks in hot coffee! They soak up tons of rich coffee flavor, which really amplifies the chocolate flavor of the coating and chocolate chips in the cookie.

Milk won’t have the same effect, but holding the Dunker in a mug of hot coffee for a few seconds will melt the chocolate coating. Warm chocolate tastes even better than room temperature chocolate so you’re only doing yourself a favor by dunking the cookies into coffee!

The Review

Ahhh these Dunkers…

These Trader Joe’s cookies are by far one of our most favorite cookies in the store! We’ve been buying them for many, many years and we just love them so much.

Whereas the Aldi’s Dunkers were a little sandy, which caused them to break apart in my coffee, the Trader Joe’s Dunkers are sturdier and they held up better to my Dunk Test.

But because they’re a little on the dry side, as crispy cookies tend to be, they make great dunking cookies since they soak up the flavor of your drink like a champ.

I’m a big fan of coconut in my treats and so I absolutely adore the subtle coconut flavor in these cookies. There’s just enough coconut flavor going on to let you know it’s in there but it’s not at all overwhelming.

They make a great little snack, with or without a hot drink to dip them into!

Buy It Again?

I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve bought these Dunkers since I started shopping at Trader Joe’s years ago! And unless they change the recipe or distributors, I won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Rating Time!


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