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Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Cookie Sticks

These Dark Chocolate Cookie Sticks with Belgian chocolate from Trader Joe’s have everyone wondering what they taste like?

Read on to see, and for our exclusive cart review!

What are Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Cookie Sticks?

These Dark Chocolate Cookie Sticks from Trader Joe’s are a sight to behold. From everything down to the cute little packaging.

They are twisted cookie sticks that have been dipped in Belgian Dark Chocolate. YUMMMM

The cookie stick itself reminds me of a biscuit type cookie. Very crunchy and crispy, kind of plain tasting which is nice against the rich dark chocolate. It gives the chocolate the spotlight to shine!

The Belgian dark chocolate goes about 3/4 of the way up the skinny little twisted cookie stick, with just the perfect amount of cookie left to hold on to!

Where In the Store?

You can find these dark chocolate cookie sticks in the candy section of your local Trader Joe’s. They were near the Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups!! Go check out that review, those were so delicious!!

Knowing Trader Joe’s and how they like to scatter their products throughout the store, you can probably find these other places in the store that I probably missed, like in the cookie aisle or on an end cap!

When looking for these, you’re best bet is to first look in the candy aisle, I’m assuming because of the Belgian dark chocolate, and then second in the cookie area!

How to Serve Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Cookie Sticks

Opening this cute little package was so much fun!

I unwound the little paper piece and lifted off the top part of the container to find them all standing up in the package waiting to be eaten!

There’s not much to serving these, I just ate one right out of the container. You could also dunk them in milk, coffee or your favorite cup of tea.

I know, I know, I’m sad to say that I did not try these Dark Chocolate Cookie Sticks out in our traditional Two Cousins Haul It All “Dunk Test”. I felt like they were great all on their own to be honest.

Here are a few other fun cookies from Trader Joe’s that we did try out the Dunk Test on and that you should definitely give a try!

(Some of these cookies were seasonal whomp whomp, but you should still read about them anyway for next time!!)

The Review

These cookie sticks reminded me a lot of Pocky, which originated in Japan. Pocky has a similar biscuit type cookie with a chocolate coating on it as well.

Pocky offers a variety of different flavors including Chocolate, Strawberry, Matcha, Chocolate Banana, Cookies and Cream and Milk Chocolate and Cream.

I’m really hoping that Trader Joe’s will follow suit and come up with their own line of different flavors! Perhaps a Speculoos Cookie, or almond butter dipped cookie stick!

They were perfectly crunchy and crisp and had the right amount of Belgian dark chocolate to compliment the simple biscuit cookie.

Buy It Again?

I would definitely buy these again from Trader Joe’s! They were the perfect quick sweet snack, or dessert if you’re lurking in the kitchen late at night looking for something sweet, but not overwhelming.

They are perfect for little hands to hold and for big hands to hold 3 or 4!!

The only difference that I could tell from the Japanese Pocky snack is that these Dark Chocolate Cookie Sticks are twisted, which adds a fun look to them!

I loved these, definitely getting a 5 cart out of 5 cart rating from me!

Have you given these twisted biscuit Cookie Sticks from Trader Joe’s a try? Let us know what you think about them, comment below! What do you think they should roll out as their next flavor?

Rating Time!


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