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Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Sandwiches

Imagine if Trader Joe’s and Chipwiches – you know, the ones you begged your parents for from the ice cream truck as a kid – had a baby. Wouldn’t they make the BEST ice cream sandwich babies?? Well, put your hands together friends, because TJ’s made it happen! We’re here to tell you allll about the Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Sandwiches and since we’re seasoned ice cream sandwich eaters, you’re going to want to pay attention!

A box of Trader Joe's Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches on a marble counter.

What are Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Sandwiches?

Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Sandwiches are a mashup of soft chocolate chip cookies, creamy vanilla ice cream, and mini chocolate chips. They’re basically the Chipwiches many of us grew up with in Trader Joe’s form.

You’ve got vanilla ice cream sandwiched between 2 soft chocolate chip cookies, which is then rolled in mini chocolate chips. Uhh…YUM!!

Nutrition factors on the box of Trader Joe's Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches.

The chocolate chip cookies on their own are superior to so many grocery store cookies I’ve tried and they’re about as similar to homemade cookies as you could get.

I don’t think that Trader Joe’s actually sells chewy chocolate chip cookies as a separate item but they totally should sell the cookies they use for these sandwiches!

Unlike the Mini Mint Mouthfuls, these ice cream sandwiches are full-size and make for a filling dessert with just one sandwich. There’s no need to bother with trying to remember how many you ate since 1 sandwich is plenty!

How Many in the Box and Per Serving?

You’ll find 4 ice cream sandwiches in a box, which do happen to disappear pretty quickly if you have any sort of ice cream and/or chocolate chip cookie fan in your house. Trust me on this one!

Serving size is 1 sandwich but be forewarned, you’re going to want more than 1! The good thing is that they’re individually wrapped so it takes a little extra effort to go for #2.

Where In the Store?

You can find these Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches in the frozen aisle of Trader Joe’s nestled among the other ice cream and frozen treats like the Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars, Hold the Cone! Vanilla Mini Cones and down a few steps from the Peanuts for Chocolate!, Southern Peach Crisp and Wild Berry Cheesecake ice creams.

How to Serve these Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches

I feel like a broken record by saying that you just need to open the box and pull out one of these treats to eat. I mean, serving them is no different than opening the wrapper of one of the many popsicles I’ve been talking about this summer. Easy, right?

However, if you want to up the ante with these ice cream sandwiches, melt some chopped chocolate in a bowl in the microwave and dip half or ALL of one of the sandwiches in the chocolate and let it firm up in the freezer before serving them as chocolate covered ice cream sandwiches.

A fast and easy peanut butter magic shell would also be literally amazing to dip these ice cream sandwiches into. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream sandwiches? SIGN. ME. UP.

OR!! Buy a few boxes of these Trader Joe’s treats and some Cool Whip. Then, layer the sandwiches and Cool Whip in a casserole dish to make an OUTSTANDING ice box cake!!

The Review

Based on the fact that these ice cream sandwiches practically have a dedicated spot in my freezer, you could assume that we absolutely LOVE them.

What might be to your great surprise, I have nothing bad to say about these ice cream sandwiches at all. Nope! In fact, they’re one of my Top 5 favorite items from Trader Joe’s!

As with all ice cream treats, I do have a recommendation: let your ice cream sandwich sit at room temperature for a few minutes to allow the ice cream to soften.

Not only will this make the sandwiches a little easier to eat, especially if you’re really sensitive to cold food, but warmer ice cream actually tastes better! And seriously, who doesn’t love creamy vanilla ice cream when it just starts to get a little melty??

Buy It Again?

We have been buying these ice cream sandwiches for YEARS and we love them so much that I think we might keel over if we ever found out they were going to be discontinued.

If you’re looking for a new ice cream sandwich to try, the Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches are THE BEST! Go ahead and try to tell me otherwise!

And if you don’t want yours, I know someone who will GLADLY eat yours! (That’s my Jackson boy!)

Rating Time!


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