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Trader Joe’s Key Lime Tea Cookies

They’re BAAACK! Trader Joe’s Key Lime Tea Cookies are back! If these cookies are new to you, read on to see what we have to say and how many grocery carts we’re giving them in our Exclusive Two Cousins Cart Rating! If you’re old friends with these cookies, hurry back to TJ’s and get yourself a box!

An open box of Trader Joe's Key Lime Tea Cookies with a few cookies spilling out of it onto a marble counter.

What are Trader Joe’s Key Lime Tea Cookies?

Trader Joe’s tea cookies come in a variety of flavors throughout the year and to put it simply, they are buttery, slightly crumbly, round shortbread cookies. And they’re perfectly poppable!

The Ube Tea Cookies were the most recent new addition to the pack of tea cookies. Compared to the Ube cookies, the Key Lime Tea Cookies are larger – about 1 1/2-inches in diameter – and they do actually taste like what they should taste like: key lime!

They’re dusted in powdered sugar to give them a little more of a sugary oomph, which is exactly what’s needed to balance the tart key lime flavor.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredient list on the side of a box of Trader Joe's Key Lime Tea Cookies.

This year, Trader Joe’s seems to be doubling down on key lime-flavored treats with the addition of Key Lime Kettle Popcorn along with the key lime pie mainstay found in the freezer section. And I’m not at all mad about it!

The Dunk Test

I figured that a Dunk Test would be a great idea for these cookies since they’re meant to be served with tea. Admittedly, I’m not much of a tea drinker unless I’m sick with a head cold or sinus infection, but I DO drink A LOT of coffee!

So instead of milk or tea, I performed my Dunk Test with these key lime cookies with a cup of hot coffee.

As a reminder, or if you’ve missed our previous Dunk Tests, this test measures how well a cookie holds up to 3 consecutive dunks in a drink before taking a bite. If the cookie hasn’t fallen as mush into the drink after the 3 dunks, it passes!

And I’m thrilled to report that these cookies held up SO well to the Dunk Test. I kind of expected this since they are thick and sturdy shortbread cookies, but until you test a cookie, it’s hard to predict the outcome.

Not only did these cookies pass the Dunk Test, but they even retained their crumbly, buttery texture after I dunked them at least 6 times so I could snap a photo! Love this!

Where In the Store?

You can find the Key Lime Tea Cookies in the frozen aisle of Trader Joe’s on the shelf above the freezer chests, nestled among all of the other cookies. My store has them located above the frozen seafood and next to the Dark Chocolate Cookie Sticks but your store may have them in a different place. Be sure to ask if you can’t find them!

How to Serve Key Lime Tea Cookies

I had a really difficult time keeping my hand out of the box of these cookies so that’s how I’ve been snacking on them.

If you want to be a bit more civilized, serve them on a pretty plate. And if you’re like me and have more cut crystal bowls than you know what to do with (thanks, Mom!), these tea cookies would look so pretty served in something like that.

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The Review

Just like the key lime popcorn, I absolutely adore these tea cookies! I’m a huge shortbread fan to begin with so it wasn’t difficult to sway me into liking these cookies.

As I mentioned in my review of the Key Lime Kettle Popcorn, I’ve never considered myself to be a key lime fan and I can’t even remember ever trying key lime pie. But knock me over with a feather!

These cookies are buttery, crumbly, tart, tangy, sweet, and utterly delicious! And the great thing about them is that I only need a couple to feel satisfied. They’re large enough and flavorful enough to hit my sweet tooth in just the right way.

Trader Joe’s has really nailed it with their key lime flavored treats! I’m completely addicted to these snacks and it’s sooooo difficult to keep my hands off of them. This is the time when “out of sight, out of mind” comes in handy! Hah!

Buy It Again?

I’ve got a 2nd box of these cookies stashed in the pantry for when the weather starts to cool down and I’m ready for more hot coffee dipping. And since they’re a seasonal product, that’s probably a smart move since these tea cookies won’t be on the shelves forever!

Rating Time!


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