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Trader Joe’s Lemon Baton Wafer Cookies

What’s better than anything lemon flavored in the midst of summer? I can’t think of much except a nice cold ice cream cone!! Check out our review on Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone! Mini Ice Cream Cones (Vanilla)!, you don’t want to miss it!

What are Trader Joe’s Lemon Baton Wafer Cookies?

Baton wafer cookies are pretty recognizable as they have a long skinny circular shape, similar to a baton, hence their name!

These baton wafer cookies are lemon flavored! How perfect for the middle of summer? The delicate exterior wafer is plain flavored, with a light lemon flavored cream inside.

The wafer almost reminds me of a crepe, but slightly different. They have almost the same flavor as one another. This exterior wafer cookie is crispier like an ice cream cone, not so much like a soft crepe if you know what I mean.

Where In the Store?

I found these lemon wafer cookies near the other two types of Baton cookies Trader Joe’s offers! The other two flavors are: Vanilla Baton Wafer Cookies, and Cocoa Baton Wafer Cookies; a review on both of those to come soon!

I saw the display of all three wafer canisters on the top shelf above the frozen vegetables. I initially went on this haul only wanting to get the lemon flavored wafers, but when I saw all three I knew I had to have them all.

I do think the lemon flavored batons are seasonal and only here for the summertime. I’m not sure about the vanilla and cocoa flavors but I hope they’re here to stay!

How to Serve Trader Joe’s Lemon Baton Wafer Cookies

As you can see from the pictures on the canisters, all the serving suggestions are different.

Since the lemon one was my first pick, that was the canister I tore into first when I got home. I barely waited to unpack all of the groceries as I was so excited!

Pictured above, Trader Joe’s suggests serving the lemon flavored baton wafers with your favorite cup of tea. I love that idea, lemon and tea just pairs so well together.

I’m not a HUGE fan of tea, I do enjoy a nice peppermint tea or green tea in the winter time, but not so much in the summer. I’m more of an iced coffee fan all year round, but especially in the summer!

I enjoyed these wafer cookies right out of the canister! They were awesome. I had a little bit of vanilla ice cream left one night and so I went into the pantry and took two lemon batons out of the container and stuck them into the ice cream. IT WAS DELISH.

All of the three flavors of wafer cookies would look wonderful on a dessert charcuterie board! Paired with fruits, chocolates, cookies, popcorns, pretzels, different candies and fruit spreads! All of which you can get from your local Trader Joe’s!

These wafer cookies are just so shareable!!

My cousin Tara and I made a regular charcuterie board a few weeks ago when we visited each other, and from that Tara wrote a post on “How To Make a Charcuterie Board on a Budget.”

The Review

I loved these Lemon Baton Wafer Cookies, they were delicious!! They were so light and delicate, it felt like I was eating a special homemade treat at a Tea Room in London!

They were crispy, flaky, light, airy and so flavorful! The lemon flavor was so great, it wasn’t overpowering or too sour. The wafer cookies didn’t taste fake or of artificially flavored lemon. The cream inside tasted like an actual lemon which was delightful.

They were just such a delight to snack on, or to pair with creamy Vanilla Bean ice cream on a hot summer night!

I’d love to hear some feedback on how you all enjoy these Baton Wafer Cookies! Comment below and let us know your favorite way to eat these!

Buy It Again?

I have already bought these Lemon Cookies and will continue to buy them as long as they’re available! Again, I really hope they’re not seasonal and we can enjoy these all year round!

I’ve already dug into the other two flavors that Trader Joe’s offers and I can’t wait to write a review on those to share with you!

Keep an eye out for these on your next trip to Trader Joe’s and snag two if you can because one canister just isn’t enough!! Hope you enjoy these as much as I did! Happy Hauling!

Rating Time!


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