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Trader Joe’s May Haul

Mariah here with my May haul from Trader Joe’s!! I always get way too excited whenever I plan a trip to Trader Joe’s and always end up overbuying. But I mean hey, is that really ever a bad thing to do at Trader Joe’s, “overbuy?” Heck. No.

Where I Shop

The closest Trader Joe’s to me on Long Island is in Lake Grove, which is about a 30-35 minute hike depending on traffic, and theres ALWAYS traffic. Because of that, I don’t get to frequent the store as much as I would like, so when I do go, I leave with tons and tons of bags.

As a little background, I don’t shop exclusively at Trader Joe’s. My grocery shopping consists of a variety of stores:

  • My local IGA in town for little things I need throughout the week
  • Lidl, of course for my main grocery shopping
  • Aldi for my second main grocery shopping
  • Trader Joe’s for specialty items
  • Local farm stands in the summer and fall for fresh fruit and veggies. There’s nothing better than fresh corn on the cob and a big juicy ripened tomato
  • Target, because how can you not

Again, because my closest Trader Joe’s is almost 35 minutes away, I typically find myself there between one and two times per month. And yes, they are planned trips, especially when Trader Joe’s releases fun new items.

What’s In My Haul

Every trip to Trader Joe’s is a winner for me. I always seem to find that ONE item I’ve been looking for, for the past few trips, or find something completely new and out of my comfort zone that I just need to try.

And of course, my splurge purchase is always some kind of plant or flowers from Trader Joe’s. This trip as I entered the store, they had a beautiful display of Orange Sun Star plants that I just couldn’t resist.

Orange is my favorite color as most of you may know, and I NEEDED this plant. So, as you can see it ended up in my cart next to the Trader Joe’s Garlic Naan.

Again, this is just a quick little snapshot of the most exiting things I had in this May Haul. Including new products, some staple items that I always get when I’m there, and a few things I never thought I’d be buying!

A few other things you see in my cart are my staple items that I get almost every time, or as needed!

Haul Talk

My brother adopted a puppy during quarantine last year, her name is Stella and they are both living back at home on Long Island for a short time due to an ankle injury my brother is recovering from.

We have never had a dog, so one of the items in my haul this week were dog treats! Something I never thought I’d be buying. My brother has a peanut and nut allergy and Trader Joe’s Better Than Leftovers! Dog Treats were calling my name, since they were one of the only treats that were peanut free. A review on those from Stella herself to come shortly.

I was SO EXCITED to see that the Trader Joe’s Almond Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets (NEW ITEM!! were still available and not all sold out, because these are a new item to Trader Joe’s. I grabbed a bag, in hindsight I probably should have grabbed two!

The employees in the store set up such a cute little display of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups (NEW ITEM!!). I grabbed a bag of those as well, and I’m excited to say that Trader Joe’s will be keeping these, I don’t think they are a seasonal item.

This was a great haul for me, I’ll be set for a few weeks now! Very excited to try and review all the new items I bought. I hope you can pull some inspiration for your next trip to Trader Joe’s from my shopping spree!

Stay tuned for more hauls from Tara and I both, coming at ya!


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