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Trader Joe’s Sea Salted Saddle Potato Crisps

Trader Joe’s has rose to popularity in the last few years, much to do with their snacks! They have unique and seasonal snack items from popcorn to ice cream and everything in between. Synergistically Seasoned Popcorn was a must grab a few weeks ago along with the Southern Peach Crisp Ice Cream!

When you think of Trader Joe’s snacks, how can you not think of the endless chip selection they have?? Keep reading for our review and exclusive Two Cousins cart rating on these Sea Salted Saddle Potato Crisps.

What are Trader Joe’s Sea Salted Saddle Potato Crisps?

These chips, or crisps as they’re calling them, are definitely a Trader Joe’s knock off of the more popular brand Pringles. Everything from the shape of the tall circular can, down to the shape of the crisps.

The crisps are made with very few ingredients, which is partly what drew me in. They contain no artificial flavors, preservatives or colorings.

They are made from a combination of dried potatoes, corn meal and rice flour, giving it that perfect crunch. The saddle shape make for the perfect bite size piece!

Where In the Store?

I found these Sea Salted Potato Crisps in the aisle near the popcorns, tortilla chips and other snacky type items!

I’ve seen these for a few months now, and like the Organic Corn Chip Dippers I would always pass them up, until now. I can’t tell you why but I was really in the mood for something salty on this Trader Joe’s trip.

These crisps caught my eye because of the bright packaging and because of where they were placed on the shelf. They were right at the end of allllll the other chips and snacks they offered, sitting right on the middle shelf.

It was almost as if they yelled to me from across the aisle “Hey you! Don’t forget us all the way down here!!” So, naturally they ended up in my cart.

How to Serve Trader Joe’s Sea Salted Saddle Potato Crisps

These crisps were totally rocking all on their own. But I bet they would be phenomenal in some dip! They were practically designed for dipping!

You can serve these any way that you would normally serve a potato chip. I loved to snack on these “as is” because sometimes I like a light, mild flavor of just sea salt. Something simple sometimes is the way to go.

I did check out Trader Joe’s website to see if they gave any recommendations on how to enjoy these, looking for an idea out of the box. Well, of course they did, and it did not disappoint!

In the picture, the saddle crisps showed them holding a scoop of salsa and topped with some shredded cheddar cheese. I loved the idea and my mind started to run wild!

You could also add a small dollop of sour cream on top of that and garnish with a few sprigs of fresh chives! The perfect bite sized, little party appetizers!

These crisps would be wonderful to dip in the Everything but the Elote Greek Style Yogurt Dip because they have such a mild taste to them to begin with. They would also pair really well with Aldi’s Spinach Dip because of how sturdy they are!

Cowboy Caviar Salsa and the Fire Roasted Chipotle Salsa from Lidl would be two excellent choices to pair with these Saddle Potato Chips as well!

But again, I really enjoyed them all on their own. The chip was perfectly salty and in my opinion had a lot of potato flavor from the dried potatoes. The corn meal and rice flour I feel gave it that crunchy texture that every potato chip needs.

The Review

I really enjoyed these crisps, perhaps even a teenie tiny bit more than original Pringles. I felt like they had more flavor than original Pringles! They were thicker and had a different type of crunch to them.

The sea salt flavoring was just perfect, it wasn’t too salty and it wasn’t underwhelming where it left me wanting something more. I didn’t feel the need to dip them or top them with something either, I really enjoyed them just how they were.

They slid out of the can, perfectly stacked on top of each other. There weren’t many that were crushed or broken, they stood up really well inside the can! Sometimes when you get to the end of a Pringles can all you get are the little crumbs or “schnibbles” as I call them, well not in this case!

I love the fact that Trader Joe’s takes a time old classic, like the Pringle and really makes it their own to fit with their brand. In my opinion, I think these may have been a little bit better than the original Pringle. I just loved the flavor, you could really taste the potato and sea salt.

I also loved how thick and crunchy they were. All the right things you want when biting into a potato chip!

Buy It Again?

I will totally be buying these Sea Salted Saddle Potato Crisps again.

After trying these, and the other Organic Corn Chip Dippers I know now that when I keep passing something up, maybe it’s finally time to throw it in my cart and try it!

I knew by the packaging that these were going to be similar to Pringles but I really didn’t expect them to be as good, if not better! I really never buy Pringles, I feel like they’re a beach or boating snack so it makes them a “special occasion snack,” not an everyday snack for me.

Either way, if you like Pringles you will totally love these! As of right now, as far as I’ve seen, Trader Joe’s only has this one flavor. I’m really hoping that they’ll come out with more flavors for us to try. Maybe the Everything but the Elote seasoning blend or a BBQ flavor!

Keep an eye out for these on your next trip, you’ll thank me later! Have you ever tried these from Trader Joe’s? How do you think they compare to the original Pringle? Let us know tell us your opinion in the comments below!!

Rating Time!


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