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Trader Joe’s Spicy Mochi Rice Nuggets

How spicy IS SPICY you might ask? HOLY SMOKES hold on to your hats friends. These little crispy crunchy rice nuggets will blow you away. Keep reading for the review and exclusive cart review!

What are Trader Joe’s Spicy Mochi Rice Nuggets?

These crispy snacks are FIERY. The images on the front of the package of the little mochis on fire should have been a good indicator of how spicy hot these actually are.

On the back of the ingredient list you can read all of the different spicy pepper powders, and boy there are quite a few!

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake, made of a short-grain glutinous rice. Mochi is usually chewy and categorized as a dessert. Trader Joe’s has transformed a soft and chewy dessert into a crispy and crunchy fiery snack!

The rice nuggets have the best crunch! As you chew them, they turn soft and chewy, sort of what regular mochi starts out as.

Where In the Store?

I found these Spicy Mochi Rice Nugget snacks near the crackers and Cheddar Cheesesticks.

On my last Trader Joe’s haul, I ended up going to a different store than the one I normally go to. This one is about 8-10 minutes farther than the closest one to me, which is about 35 minutes away. Whats another 10 minutes when I’m already traveling so far anyway?

I was curious to see how this store was laid out, and if it was bigger than my store. It was, and I loved it. I think I might just travel out to that one now instead of going to the closer one.

Anyway, I think these Spicy Mochi Nuggets were in a different spot in this store. So if you’re on the lookout for these, just keep your eyes peeled. They may have a few different spots for them in the store! Always ask an employee if you can’t find anything, they’re always so helpful.

How to Serve Trader Joe’s Spicy Mochi Rice Nuggets

Snacks like this are meant to be eaten right out of the bag. If you feel like getting fancy, grab yourself a small bowl and pour those babies right in! Maybe even onto a paper towel if it strikes your fancy.

Other than that, I’m not really sure how else you would serve these. Whatever you do, and however you decide to serve them, MAKE SURE you have something to drink. You’re going to need it, trust me on this one.

I made several of my co-workers try these and in my defense, I did warn them as to how spicy they were. As soon as they started to chew them, every single person had the same reaction. Their eyes widened in fear and they all breathed out probably trying to breath FIRE like a dragon.

If you like spice here are a few other items from Trader Joe’s that you might like!

The Review

One of these little rice nuggets completely blew my head off. They were SO SPICY. I almost couldn’t even chew and swallow the whole thing. My lips were tingling and I couldn’t feel my tongue because it literally felt like I stuck it in a campfire.

The reason I don’t eat most spicy food is the fact that I don’t like being in pain when I eat. These nuggets caused me pain, so I will not be putting another one in my mouth. I will not subject myself to that again.

I loved how crunchy they were. The only reason why I’m giving them a one cart rating out of five is because of how spicy they were. I love the original Mochi Rice Nuggets, those are wonderful and worth every penny in my opinion!

If you like heat, and spice…and PAIN…this is the snack for you!

Buy It Again?

Unfortunately, I hate to say this, but I will not be buying these Mochi Rice Nuggets again.

I feel like I rarely, if ever, say that about something from Trader Joe’s. This is just one snack I can totally live without.

I will however, continue to buy the original Mochi Rice Nuggets, those are FANTASTIC. I’m still waiting for them to become available from the manufacturer. As I mentioned in my other post, Trader Joe’s hasn’t been able to get them for a few weeks now, the same goes for these.

Have you ever tried Mochi? Tell us below in the comments what your favorite type of Mochi is!! Happy Hauling!

Rating Time!


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