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Trader Joe’s Ube Tea Cookies

Do we have any Ube fans out there?? This is our first time trying these purple yam shortbread cookies. Keep reading to see our exclusive cart review and much more!

What are Trader Joe’s Ube Tea Cookies?

First, lets answer this question. What is Ube?

Ube is a purple yam originally from the Philippines. It’s a bright purple sweet potato, with an even sweeter, more mellow taste than its orange relative, the sweet potato.

Ube is very popular in Filipino cuisine, mostly used in desserts. A very popular dessert is called Ube Halaya, which is boiled and mashed Ube, mixed with coconut cream or condensed milk.

These tea cookies from Trader Joe’s are a spin off of just that. These cookies are made from shortbread batter with some mashed Ube ever so slightly mixed in. Giving these cookies that buttery taste with a hint of earthy Ube.

Where In the Store?

These Ube Tea Cookies can be found in a few different places throughout the store.

The first place I found these cookies was in their “New Item’s” side aisle display. The second place I found these cookies were by all the other cookies Trader Joe’s has to offer. All of the cookies that my local Trader Joe’s has are on its shelves above the frozen foods they have.

How to Serve Trader Joe’s Ube Tea Cookies

It says it right in the name of the cookies! Serve with your favorite tea! They are the perfect snack size to accompany your favorite cup of hot tea.

However, since I only enjoy tea when I’m sick, or when it’s winter I snacked on these cookies with a nice cold glass of my favorite milk. The Fa!rlife milk pictured here is from my local Lidl store. I love this milk because it lasts much longer than regular milk in the fridge.

Since Ube has rose in popularity within the last few years, Trader Joe’s also has an Ube cream on its shelves!

We have a review on that coming soon, so stay tuned!!

Trader Joe’s has SO MANY DIFFERENT cookies to choose from, sometimes I leave the store with 2 or 3 different kinds. I do have a few tried and true cookies that I always make sure I have in my pantry, and then there are those one or two different kinds that I just NEED to try.

The Review

These cookies were really good. I enjoyed them very much.

They have a very unique flavor and the powdered sugar really gives it that extra sweetness that these cookies needed.

They’re crunchy, sweet, and crumbly. The perfect combination to have with a hot cup of tea or an ice cold glass of milk. Keep reading for our exclusive DUNK TEST results!!

These cookies from the pictures above clearly show that these cookies aren’t the brightest color of purple until you bite into them! Thats where the real Ube magic shines through.

These cookies are mixed with that buttery shortbread batter, so thats definitely why they aren’t as vibrant purple as you might think from the front of the packaging. They do still have that tasty shortbread and hint of Ube that just compliments each other so perfectly.


Lets dive (literally) into this dunk test!! These cookies TOTALLY stood up to my dunk test! I had so much fun testing these cookies out. These cookies are so crunchy and crumbly, so the milk got all soaked up into the cookie. It held up well, and didn’t get all mushy when I dunked them a few times.

A few other cookies we’ve tested with this Dunk Test are:

One cookie that we have NOT tried our dunk test on are the Aldi’s Chocolatey Chip Dunkers. Those were MADE TO DUNK!! So we will have to add to that post with a follow up Dunk Test, stay tuned.

Check out those other reviews from the previous dunk tests to see our exclusive cart rating and how they stood up to that icy cold glass of milk!

Buy It Again?

I’m not sure if these Ube Tea Cookies are a seasonal item, or if they’re here to stay at Trader Joe’s, but I will totally be buying these cookies again.

I loved the size of these cookies, they’re also perfect for little hands! They’re the perfect snack with a cold glass of milk or a hot cup of your favorite tea!

Do yourself a favor and run to your local Trader Joe’s and purchase yourself a box (or two) of these cookies. Jump on the Ube train and don’t forget to drop a comment and let us know what you think of these cookies and your favorite way to enjoy them!

Rating Time!


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    1. Too funny!! These cookies are a seasonal item and we’re pretty sure they’re back in stock now (early May). Run to get them before they vanish again!

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