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Trader Joe’s Whipping Cream

One of the most important tips I have for prepping for holiday meals is to make sure your pantry, fridge, and cabinets are well-stocked. Heavy whipping cream is one of those holiday necessities and we’ve tested Trader Joe’s Whipping Cream to see if it’s worth keeping on hand. Read on to for our full review and Exclusive Two Cousins Cart Rating!

A box of Trader Joe's Whipping Cream on a dark granite countertop.

What is Trader Joe’s Whipping Cream?

I am no stranger to making whipped cream. It’s one of my favorite quick thing to make to add to or boost a dessert to the next level since it’s so simple to make.

But truthfully, I’ve never used a box of shelf-stable whipping cream for any reason at all. So I decided to give Trader Joe’s Whipping Cream a try to see how it worked to make whipped cream. I mean, Trader Joe’s has sold it for years – how bad could it be?

Side of a box of Trader Joe's Whipping Cream that shows the Nutrition Facts and Ingredients.

I was especially curious about this boxed whipping cream because I knew I’d be traveling to visit Mariah back in the fall and I was packing my cooking tote bag with the stuff I needed to bring for our week together. I didn’t want to pack a cooler for cold food for a trip that would be taking me on 2 ferries and on a walk with a wagon that would be carrying our bags to Mariah’s family’s beach house.

So, I picked up a box of this cream and dropped it in my travel bag without having to worry about keeping it cold or leaking.

A dollop of whipped cream and maple syrup on top of pancakes with bacon on the plate next to the pancakes. The whipped cream was made with Trader Joe's Whipping Cream.

It comes in an 8 oz box (1 cup), which is just the perfect amount for making whipped cream for a small crowd or a dessert like a pudding dirt cake.

Stabilized Whipped Cream

The reason why I could do this with a box of whipping cream is because it’s shelf-stable. The only other ingredient in this besides cream is carrageenan, which is used as a preservative and stabilizer in some shelf-stable products. In other products, it’s used as a thickener.

Back of a box of Trader Joe's Whipping Cream that shows the description of and instructions for the cream.

Where In the Store?

You can find this Whipping Cream in the baking aisle of Trader Joe’s. It’s usually down on a bottom shelf below the baking products like the blondie bar baking mix.

How to Make Whipped Cream

First things first. You need to chill the box of cream for at least 6 hours before using it. Cream needs to be COLD before you try whipping it. Here’s what you’ll do next:

  1. To make whipped cream using the Trader Joe’s cream, pour the cream into a large bowl.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar or 1/4 cup of powdered sugar to the cream. Stir in 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract.
  3. Whip the cream using a hand mixer or whisk (or with a stand mixer, if you have one) until it has thickened to soft or stiff peaks, depending on how thick you want your whipped cream. This will take about 1 1/2 minutes with a mixer and closer to 3 to 5 minutes if you’re whipping by hand with a whisk.
  4. Use the whipped cream immediately or chill in the fridge for up to 2 hours. You’ll need to whip it up a little again before using it from the fridge.
Trader Joe's Whipping Cream being hand whisked into whipped cream in a glass bowl.

The Review

I fully expected that the boxed cream would taste different or have a different texture than whipped cream made with refrigerated whipping cream.

But I was completely wrong! The whipped cream we made and served on top of pumpkin cinnamon swirl pancakes was exactly like regular whipped cream. I couldn’t believe it!

Trader Joe's Whipping Cream being poured from the box into a glass bowl. There is a stainless steel whisk in the bowl.

And I have to say that it was delicious whipped cream! The texture was silky smooth and it was just as creamy as whipped cream should be.

I could see this boxed whipping cream being used for LOTS of things: pudding, cake, on pancakes or waffles, and piped on top of chocolate cream pies or pumpkin tarts.

And since it’s a shelf-stable product, it’s simple to keep a couple boxes stocked in the pantry for when I forget to buy heavy cream or heavy whipping cream. Score!

Overhead photo of whipped cream in a bowl made with Trader Joe's Whipping Cream. The bowl is being held by a little girl's arm and there is a plate of pancakes next to the bowl.

Buy It Again?

If you run into me at the Portland, ME Trader Joe’s, you’ll see me stocking up a few boxes of this whipping cream to have on hand for the holidays and during the winter, when running out to the store in the middle of a Maine winter can be a hit or miss activity.

You can’t go wrong with at least trying this whipping cream for an upcoming dessert you’ll be making or even for topping a cozy mug of hot chocolate with!

Rating Time!


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